Andy Mills

  • Swaps, futures and options
  • Commodities- Energy, Metals, Agricultural Commodities, Softs, Packaging Commodities and Renewables
  • Physical Commodities Trading and Operations
  • Sustainability and Carbon Capture
  • Commodities risk management
  • Hedge Funds

Andy has had a thirty-year career in commodities, initially working for BP, UBS, Engen Petroleum, Graham Capital Hedge Fund and RWE, where he was global head of trading. His roles have included operations, physical and derivative trading, risk management and as a senior leader of trading teams and departments. He has also acted as a senior strategic advisor for Tradition, the global broking company.

In his current role, as principal in a global commodities risk management company advising blue chip corporates and commodity producers, Andy has acted as an advisor to a State Oil Company in the Middle East, advising on a Crude Oil derivative instrument launch and market forecasting. He has also worked for several large global consumer goods companies, including roles as an imbedded risk manager and procurement strategist, trading and risk managing physical and derivative commodities portfolios. He has a growing role in sustainability and carbon capture consultancy work with his clients and has provided expert witness opinion in energy commodity cases.