Christopher Clarke

  • Derivatives investment management
  • Swaps, futures and options
  • Commodities - energies, metals, grains, softs
  • Currency and interest rate hedging
  • Crypto currencies
  • ETF's

As a former Goldman Sachs Executive Director and experienced derivatives investment manager, Christopher Clarke brings 33 years of Global Financial Markets experience to his role.

Having worked for other investment banks, including Deutsche Bank, HSBC, Bankers Trust Company (NYC) and Nat West Global Financial Markets, Chris subsequently spent 20 years trading in global financial derivatives as a regulated Investment manager. With extensive experience in all aspects of derivatives, ranging across futures and options, swaps, commodities (energies, metals, grains, softs and crypto currencies), Chris also has experience in investigation of closet tracking practices in the UK asset management industry, ETF and other retail product mis-selling and has also acted as an industry expert in areas such as risk management and currency and interest rate hedging.

Chris has worked as a consultant expert on some of the World’s biggest financial litigation cases in the realms of the global foreign exchange markets, futures and options as well as ETFs and retail investing products. Chris has also held senior roles in education at UK universities where he has taught and researched in a range of aspects of the global financial arena.