Jasper Falk

  • Bond & Derivative trading
  • Government debt - multi-national
  • Inflation linked bonds and derivatives
  • Inflation and interest rate hedging
  • Portfolio management
  • Investment research

Jasper has spent over 20 years in bond and derivatives trading with US investment bank JPMorgan. He established and managed JPMorgan’s Global Inflation Trading business assisting many of the largest pension funds, sovereign wealth funds and asset manager clients in the UK and globally in hedging and managing their assets and liabilities. He has also assisted government debt agencies in the design and issuance of inflation linked bonds in the UK, across Europe (France, Italy, Spain, Germany, Greece), the US and Japan and worked on the design, pricing and risk hedging of inflation and interest rate hedging structures for corporate clients.

He has extensive experience in trading, market making and risk management of inflation linked and interest rate over-the-counter products (government bonds, inflation linked bonds, interest rates swaps, inflation swaps) and on exchanges (futures, FX). He was a member of the JP Morgan Fixed Income Management Committee.

Since 2017, Jasper has been at Ekins Guinness LLP, a fund management and investment research business, where he is a Partner. In addition to co-managing a multi-asset fund and a global equity fund, he writes and markets investment research and provides trade ideas across bonds, equities, commodities and FX to hedge fund clients.