Kevin Tomlin

  • Investment Funds
  • Regulation
  • Manco & ACD
  • Depositary

Kevin has over 30 years of experience in asset management and investment funds as regulator, trustee/depositary, and asset manager. He has been at the heart of many major regulatory developments affecting EU investment funds. At the Financial Services Authority he was Head of Funds Regulation, which included leading the FSA’s work on: negotiation and implementation of European Directives affecting investment funds; the introduction of open- ended investment companies, the authorisation and oversight of all UK authorised investment funds and the complete re- write of the investment funds rulebook, currently in force. He was also Head of Mutual Societies Regulation, comprising some 11,000 businesses.

From 2004 he took senior roles at three depositary banks. At Royal Bank of Scotland his responsibilities as head of relationships for UK asset managers covered 50% of the UK funds industry. He chaired the Depositary and Trustee Association, and established the European Trustee and Depositary Forum, which comprises representatives from a wide group of depositary businesses in the EU.

Subsequently he was responsible at BNP Paribas London Depositary business for regulatory matters affecting UK asset managers’ investment funds. During this period he sat on the Investment Association’s working group on long term asset funds. Thereafter he was Head of Relationships for the Bank of New York’s EU depositary business.