Peter Robertson

  • Actuary
  • Asset Management and Investment strategy
  • Fund management & distribution
  • Product design
  • Wealth management
  • Life and pensions advice
  • Crypto & Blockchain

Peter Robertson is a former CEO and actuary and has 35 years’ experience within the financial services sector, especially life, pensions and asset management. He has held senior positions in UK, US, European and Asian businesses and has served in various regulated roles – from Appointed Actuary (HK) to General Securities Principal (US) - and as a director (executive and non-executive) on Boards in the UK, India, China and Malaysia.

Peter has run both technical (finance, risk and product development) parts of these businesses as well as client-facing roles, particularly with high-net-worth individuals and their advisers. He has been involved in setting up several new businesses in differing regulatory environments and has engaged in the creation and distribution of life, mutual (including UK authorised funds) and exchange traded funds.

More recently he has acted as a strategy consultant advising businesses, from FTSE100 to greenfield start-ups, and from creating regulated advice and guidance propositions to multi asset strategies including the use of private equity, infrastructure (illiquid project finance) and digital assets.