Richard Wane

  • Asset Management
  • UCITS Investment Funds, Operation and Distribution
  • Compliance Programmes
  • Regulated roles
  • Board Director (Executive and Non-Executive)

Richard Wane has 25 years experience of the management and operation of UCITS funds and their distribution to retail direct, intermediated and institutional clients within the asset management sector. As a Solicitor (England & Wales) he held senior Legal and Compliance positions with UK, European, Asian and International responsibilities. He served in regulated roles and as a Director (executive and non-executive) on Boards in the UK, HK, Singapore and Ireland. He has additional experience as a client-facing business head and in the set-up and running of a new Fund Management Company in Ireland, serving as CEO. He has been a member of senior leadership teams of two global organisations, engaged in cross-border distribution of UCITS funds, the establishment of several new regulated business units, applying for management company and fund authorisations, building and operating compliance programmes, engaging with regulatory inspections and enquiries, dealing with pricing errors, developing board reporting and in receiving and delivering challenge as a CEO and Board Director.