Sam Stewart

  • Anti-Money Laundering (AML)
  • Business Standards for Asset Managers (COBS)
  • Regulation
  • Senior Management Systems & Controls
  • UK, Ireland & Cayman Islands

For over 30 years, Sam has been working in the financial services sector as a practitioner, advisor, accountant and regulator. He currently leads AML Solutions Group, an anti-money laundering consultancy located in Ireland, which provides services to fund managers and structures in Ireland and the Cayman Islands. He is registered with the Central Bank of Ireland and the Cayman Islands Monetary Authority to hold anti-money laundering roles for clients.

Sam was previously registered as an MLRO and Compliance Officer with the relevant regulators in the UK for roles at Northern Trust and State Street Global Advisors. Sam led Enforcement teams at the Financial Services Authority responsible for investigating asset management firms and individuals. Prior to the creation of the FSA, Sam held the position of Head of Investigations at the Investment Management Regulatory Organisation.