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With decades of financial services experience and some fascinating involvement as expert witness, I decided to establish a group of financial services experts with exceptional experience, who can provide the expertise required for High Court trials. My own involvement in this field in significant cases with appeals all the way from the Financial List to the Supreme Court has provided the insight needed to identify the men and women with the knowledge, credibility and clear articulation required for the role in every area of financial services. Our Experts can advise, guide, provide opinion, report and give evidence as expert witnesses wherever financial services lie at the heart of the matter.

Oliver Lodge, Founder, FS Expert Group

What we do

we do

Litigation can be highly complex where finance is involved. Our group of seasoned Experts can be counted on to deliver unbiased evidence and advice in every field of financial services, in a concise and authoritative manner, in or out of Court. We understand how best to present relevant information to establish where responsibility lies or to work on a viable resolution in some of the most detailed and complex cases. We prepare and present full analyses and reports for clients and stakeholders.

How we do it

The FS Expert Group provides, through dedicated Experts with exceptional track records, relevant expertise and expert evidence in a wide variety of financial services cases, mindful of clarity and impartiality, whether in Court as expert witness, in tribunal as adjudicator or in the Board Room to instruct and advise.

we do it

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